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Saturday, January 09, 2016

All about the content.

By now you have guessed that I have discovered the world of affiliate marketing and how I am learning to explore all the rules of engagement.  I have learned where you can post links, how your website should look, what information is important and I have gained wonderful tips from other affiliates on wealthy affiliates website.  A great place to get your feet wet in this business of online marketing, I just wished I had found it sooner. 

This is just one idea I am working with, I have other ventures in the works and I will update those as they happen...right now, they are not concrete ideas.  I figured that blogging about my journey through online marketing could give answers to those considering it, or give them that nudge to just go for it!

I am setting my goal for three years, that last year of being forty nine-well, I hope to be making plans to really celebrate turning 50.  Life is more about what you put into it, praying for doing the right thing and having faith that it will happen accordingly.

There is alot of talk about finding your niche, keeping your content relating to one area to talk about-well, my life is about every beautiful moment. I am a southern woman with a mind buzzing with ideas, a heart loving the small moments, and a spirit that was born to help others. 

Life is my content.