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My first website

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Good Morning!

     I hope today holds lots of awesome and amazing opportunities for you, today is my day to get my website online and published. It has been a whirlwind of chaos, confusion and rewiring of my brain, lol.  I have people who questioned my need to share my thoughts, who would really need to read what I have to write and who would really relate to how my view affects my world.  Well, I don't write to please people, because if any writer did that, then there would never be a book published again.  Writers write to feed a desire that stirs their soul, to answer a internal voice that demands them to write, its a bittersweet torture at times. I was not the best at grammar, still write like I think which is scattered and fractured like shards of a broken mirror. 

     I discovered blogging a year ago, got a wordpress site and just recently started truly posting blogs-its scary to put your heartfelt words out for strangers to read and dissect your meaning.  I am still grappling with letting go of my thoughts, trying to find a written path to share what I think and feel-because I believe that other people may share a desire to write and never try.  I am wanting to show that its possible to create something in black and white, that you can inspire other and you can be just as inspired. 

     I also want to prove that you can profit from blogging, that its possible to generate an income from sharing your thoughts, ideas and suggestions through your blog. My journey starts today. Yay!