Conversations about life and other stuff.
Latte, Cappucino, Mocha
This is my start on a new adventure, drinking coffee and talking about everything under the sun or moon. We only get this one life, we should strive to make the best we can, with whatever we were equipped to help ourselves and each other. I will make grammar errors, create my own slang, and maybe it will inspire people to step outside their comfort zone. I created this page to help myself practice writing, to vent on certain topics, and test the waters of marketing in this vast space of the digital highway.
I view this as an investment in my future, in my family and the progress of those I meet along this path all things unfamiliar and new.
When thinking of things I know best, I drink coffee frequently daily and I love to why not coffee with Deanna. I can discuss music, books, art, family issues, motivation, God, politics, movies, etc...
Also, like discussing the evolution of marketing via the Internet and the impact it's making on our world.
This page was created to share my thoughts, my opinions, my goals, my view on life, and maybe inspire others to share their ideas and views. Life is a beautiful adventure, we are given this life because God has amazing plans for each of us.